Work Ethics

Residential and Customer Care

At Galway Hynes we always strive to exceed expectations. From providing the public and private sectors with exceptionally high quality services, through taking care of the wellbeing of our staff, to maintaining responsive residential and customer care.

When approaching a project, one of the key stages is to ensure the safety of residents and workers. Although the main purpose is providing works on a building, the safeguarding of the public is an inseparable part of what we offer.

Our Resident Liaison Officers engage with clients and residents at all stages to fully understand and respond to their needs, ensuring all aspects of the project are being taken into consideration. Together with our clients we work towards trying to anticipate any concerns that might arise during the course of work, finding the optimal solutions to resolve them, involving the residents and workers in the building in the discussions.

We are fully dedicated to providing our customers with comprehensive services, working in partnership, observing that safeguarding policies are in place for the better protection of all parties involved in a project. Accessible customer care is always available to our clients to ensure immediate response to all their needs and requests.

All members of our teams are CSCS card holders and have enhanced DBS checks for further piece of mind.

KPI - Key Performance Indicator

At Galway Hynes we are fully committed to constantly providing exceptionally high quality and are completely dedicated to our work. We believe that a strong relationship with our clients, based on mutual respect and trust, is a key to the successful completion of the services we provide for them.

Part of what we offer is the monitoring of our performance and the achievement of targets we have set out in the initial plan for any project we undertake. Our technical team attend scheduled visits at the buildings were we work, evaluate the quality of what we have completed at every key stage, and send reports to our clients. There is also the option for a closer monitoring, following various aspects of a project.

With decades of experience in the industry, we can easily say that we have perfected our performance to help us deliver fast results, provide our clients with exceptionally high quality of services, and leave each site with a sense of achievement.

Health and Safety

At Galway Hynes a Health & Safety training course is a vital part of accreditations we require from our employees. We don’t compromise when it comes to safety, and follow strict rules to ensure the well-being of our staff and that of anyone else that might be present on site. At each of our working sites’ offices we have an Introduction booklet, where we have listed project information and procedures.

We have specific safety procedures our visitors should adhere to when attending. They undergo site-inductions and are then issued with the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) before entering.

All our staff wears protective equipment and carry visible ID cards at all times, and we always have certified First Aid operatives present on site. Our employees also wear Galway Hynes branded clothing for easier identification and added safety.

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