Bespoke Carpentry and Joinery

High Quality Carpentry and Joinery

Our joinery workshops are located in South-West London, where we craft exclusive furniture and fixtures answering our clients’ unique visions. Here we work along designers, creating bespoke pieces, and turning our customers’ ideas into reality.

Whether you are looking for a classic or an ultra-contemporary look, our team is always on hand with professional advice, helping our customers to make the most of a space they’d like to transform and call their own. With experience expanding over decades, we can offer our clients the very highest level of joinery products, alongside planning and managing of every step of the process for them.

As with all our services, the quality of our work is of an exceptionally high quality, responding to our company’s ethos. Professional service tailored to suit our clients’ unique needs is what we do best, and as always our customers come first.

Hallways & Staircases

We produce bespoke staircases, working with a range of wood, spindles and finishes our clients can choose from. Classic, modern or contemporary, we have the experience to respond and create unique pieces tailored to the style our customers decide on.

Windows, Doors & Frames

When creating our bespoke wooden window frames and shutters, doors and door frames, we combine technology and innovation to bring our clients exceptional products. We also produce, deliver and install bulk orders for commercial clients.


We offer a full range of bespoke kitchen fixtures and furniture, from shelving units and cupboards through floors, worktops and kitchen islands, to breakfast bars and kitchen dressers. We craft all our products in our workshops, from where they are then being delivered and installed by our joiners.

Bedrooms & Walk-in Wardrobes

Galway Hynes provides everything from bespoke bed frames and headboards, through custom-made wardrobes and chests of drawers to bedside tables and featured walls, we can respond to the individual style, ideas and needs of our customers.


Design your dream bathroom with unique and individual fittings, tailor-made fixtures and furniture to optimise the use of the available space. Professional design, manufactured in our workshops, delivered, installed and fitted by our own specialists.

Offices & Studies

We can help you create offices and studies with cleverly designed features and storage solutions, tailor-made desks and cabinets. We also have intelligent solutions for the perfect office kitchen, designed to respond to our customers’ individual style.

Kids’ Rooms

We can help you translate comfort and practicality into bespoke pieces of furniture from beds and wardrobes, through shelves and storage, to desks, tables and chairs, anything you might need, we’ll be happy to collaborate on.

Dining Rooms

Entertaining or simply dining in style, whether you are looking for classic or contemporary feel, we have the experience and expertise to create the perfect dining room. We create all furniture, fixtures and fittings in our workshops, using only extremely high quality materials.

Storage & Utility Rooms

At Galway Hynes we have decades of experience in creating bespoke storage units, fixtures and fittings, cleverly designed to utilise every inch of your precious space. We design, manufacture, deliver and install all our products, finished to an exceptionally high level.

Receptions & Living Rooms

We create bespoke range of reception and living room furniture, fittings and fixtures, from tables, through fireplace surrounds and feature walls, to shelving and storage.


Whether we are crafting pieces to correspond to the surrounding features or creating an entirely new room, ultra-contemporary or classic design, dynamic or peaceful - we always follow our clients’ unique visions.


Whether you have space in your house you’d like to turn into a gym, or may have contemplated the idea of creating a garden room for this purpose, we have the experience and knowledge to accommodate your ideas.

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