At Galway Hynes we are dedicated to providing the most exceptional services to our clients. We are constantly improving, adopting innovative technologies and working with the highest quality of materials and equipment.

Improving our communities by investing in people is one of our main priorities. That is why our employees receive help to improve their skills, and have the relevant certificates necessary in their fields of work, all of them acquired at CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) approved training organisations.

Health and Safety

At Galway Hynes a Health & Safety training course is a vital part of accreditations we require from our employees. We don’t compromise when it comes to safety, and follow strict rules to ensure the well-being of our staff and that of anyone else that might be present on site. At each of our working sites’ offices we have an Introduction booklet, where we have listed project information and procedures.

We have specific safety procedures our visitors should adhere to when attending. They undergo site-inductions and are then issued with the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) before entering.

All our staff wears protective equipment and carry visible ID cards at all times, and we always have certified First Aid operatives present on site. Our employees also wear Galway Hynes branded clothing for easier identification and added safety.

Monday - Friday: 8AM - 6PM | 24/7 Emergency Service