Public and Heritage Buildings

Preserving and Maintaining our Heritage

At Galway Hynes our main focus is on preserving our communities. Improving and maintaining spaces where people feel they belong, feel secure and have the chance to lead better lives, where they are surrounded by friends and family, with the support of the wider community.

Improving and helping communities also means preserving and maintaining public and heritage buildings, where people gather together, and those otherwise important for their wellbeing. At Galway Hynes people are what matter above all. We believe in creating a better world, and giving the future generations the chance to inherit the best of what we have now.

We provide a comprehensive range of services, covering various refurbishment, decoration and repair works for public and heritage buildings. Our extensive projects portfolio includes libraries, theatres, town halls and other community buildings. We have decades of experience working with listed buildings, providing exceptionally high quality masonry, roof works, retrofitting, plumbing and heating, bespoke carpentry and joinery, and other works that are vital for the preservation of these significant establishments.

Focus on Compliance and Professionalism

We are uncompromising when it comes to safety, this of our employees and of the public. Often we work in occupied buildings where we have to find a way to provide safe environment for everyone for the duration of the refurbishment, whilst keeping disruption to a minimum.

Our liaison officers and customer service are in constant contact with our clients and their employees on the sites where there is work in progress, immediately responding to their queries.

At Galway Hynes we are dedicated to providing bespoke services to our clients. We are constantly improving, adopting innovative technologies and working with the highest quality of materials and equipment. We are always accommodating to any additional works that might be required, and considerate to our clients’ requests.

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